Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Day That Never Ended

Today we all went on a bus tour for the entire day. We fisrt had to get up very early to meet the bus, then we were off to one of 3 sites. We first were off to Windsor Castle. We wondered around the grounds and inside. The interesting thing was that the castle is still in use, however the not on the day we were visiting. Then we got back on the bus to venture off to Bath. Once in Bath we went to the roman bath ruins. Bath was a great place to visit but wow was it crowded. It was fun to roam around the ruins. After this visit we did have to get some ice cream. Then as the day was ending we finally stop off at Stonehenge. A great site, very crowded and you are not allowed to walk through the stones any more. But it was nice to run around on the grass and relax off the bus for once on this busy day.

Another Addition to the Guest List

On a early Thursday morning we had another addition to bring to welcome to London Aunt Christine came for a visit. Well as Emma calls here, Kit Kit. Sorry Christine your name has changed, forever. From the moment she arrived we did not let her slow down and we all went to the London Zoo. This zoo was busier than the Bronx Zoo and all the animals were awake and out of their cages. However the zoo is too much for my Emma and she fell asleep half way through the visit.

Greenwich Mean Time

Today we went to Greenwich and explored the world time zones. It rain so we did not take the boat to Greenwich but it was a quick train ride from London. The park in beautiful and Emma, like always chased the birds around. Then we walked to the museum and the Prime Meridian Line. That was a bit of a hike up a steep hill. Emma enjoyed running back and forth from the Western Hemisphere to the Eastern.

Brighton Beach

Yes there is a beach in England. Though it is not a sand beach, pebbles, however you can swim if you are brave enough to get in the cold water. We took the one hour train ride to Brighton Beach with Grandma and Grandpa. We walked around the little bohemian town and relax at the beach while Emma and Daddy looked for sea glass. Emma even ventured into the water, feet only of course. Grandpa and Emma went looking for a very special pinwheel and found the carousel also. After finishing our day with a bit of ice cream, we got back on the train to London.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our First Visitors

Well our first visitor have come and gone. Emma was very excited to see Grandma Peggy and Grandpa Gary very early one morning. And from then on was attached to Grandpa's hip for the entire visit. We had a fantastic time we visited St Paul's and Parliament. Even took the Parliament tour inside. We had a very casual visit with Grandma and Grandpa, with one day at a new site and the next recovering from our adventures. We did some much that I didn't get a chance to blog while they where here. So enjoy all the new blogs that will be posted in one day.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Toddler Clothes Pin Holder

Ok, so i was a little bored and it was raining out side and we had hung the clothes inside the house. I could not resist, but she thought it was a fun game.

Daddy Daugher Bonding

Thought you all would like to see some daddy- daughter bonding time!

Another Day Another Playground

Today we tired out the playground behind the New Malden Center, which is where Emma goes to Creche' (Day Care). It was the least favorite of all the playground we have been too, but it was also the smallest. And I could totally tell that Emma was uninterested 10 minutes into our arrive when all she wanted to do was snack. So I watched her carry around a bag of snacks and roam the playground. But what was fascinating was when she found her shadow and became fully aware of it. Watch the video.