Friday, May 29, 2009

Helping out the Sister

Hi All,

This post is to benefit my sister. She is trying to win this amazing job in the wine country of California for 6 months. Please help by viewing and voting for her video. And if you have already voted for her thank you. I have attached the link.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

City Theatrical Mascot

Hey I think City Theatrical has a mascot.

London Transportation

Well I really didn't want to say this, but I do love the London transportation much more than NYC MTA. Emma and I have traveled all over the neighborhood by bus, train, subway & and even tram. We are able to jump on 3 different buses right out side the house. One will take us right in to Wimbledon for shopping, groceries, movies and meals. The other bus will take us over to Adam's work, the hardware store, and the super grocery store. And that bus also goes to another high street that has some great shopping. The 3rd bus takes us to many other areas including Kingston, where the indoor mall is. A short walk gets us to the tram stop, to go over to IKEA and other places. We have ridden the train in Central London for the Aquarium or jumped on the Tube. And the kicker...all the lifts work (oh that is elevator for all you folk). I get the stroller on and off all the buses & trains so easily. I don't think there is any stopping Emma and I.

Well exhaustion!

Monday, May 25, 2009

London Aquarium + much more

We finally headed into the center of London. We went to the London Aquarium, which was right next to the London Eye (which is gigantic ferris wheel on the Thames). Emma enjoyed running from one tank to the next looking at all the fish and of course turtles. After the aquarium we went for a stroll along the Thames and we spotted Parliament and decided to head that direction. BIG BEN...PARLIAMENT!

This is what Emma thinks of British Politics!!
(that was Adam's joke by the way)

Then we walked along the other side of the Thames back past Parliament where we spotted the statue of Richard the Lion Hearted.

Big Ben again!!

Walked across the Golden Jubilee Bridge back the the Waterloo train station to catch our ride home. A lovely end to our Memorial Day Weekend in London. If you want to see more pictures of our busy weekend, please visit Emma's website at

Sunday in the Garden with Emma

What a lovely day we had on Sunday. It was 80degs here in Merry Old England, well at least here in Raynes Park it was beautiful. We took a trip to B&Q (which is a Home Depot) and went to the garden section. When you buy too much to carry that you have to back pack the child and use her stroller to wheel the stuff home, you can say we got carried away but we could not help it. We planted rose bushes, herb garden, flowers, strawberry bushes, tomato and snap pea plants. Adam found power trimmers and took to the over grown shrubs in the back. He was able to make us a bike path to bring the bikes in to the shed. I filled Emma's pool up with water and she went back and forth from the pool to her sand box. It was like being at the beach. Which we missed this year not celebrating Memorial Day in RI, but we did get to skype with the Klein/Qua party. We all sleep very well that night.

Memorial Day Adventures in the UK

Spent a very busy 3 days in London. On our first full Saturday in London we traveled to Kingston, which is SW of the center of London (south of us in Wimbledon). We took the bus right into the middle of Kingston. It was a shopping mecca, with paved walk ways and stores up and down the roads. We also found the MALL. Not as big as an American mall, but that was ok. We also got to walk through the farmers market.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Lazy Days

What we do on lazy days...Emma and I enjoy the garden with her new sand box.

Paci Lover

I think that moving to London has confused Emma into thinking that she needs to put 2 pacis in her mouth.

Adam's New Office

Well if you thought your office was a closet, you should see Adam's. Wait a minute I will show you some pictures. Good thing that it is a one man operation. If you are wondering were i am in this picture, i am standing in the door way to the office. I did say "closet"!

Our new house

We have unpacked and are settling in pretty well. Emma has sleep through the night and I think we have all gotten over the time change. We have a great row house with a nice garden in the back and a spare guest room for all that want to come and visit.

Moving In

Our flight was long and we were all pretty exhausted the first morning in London. We had a car service come and pick us up at the airport and dropped us off 45 minutes before the lady with the key was to show. So we waited, exhausted on the stoop of our new home. When we finally got in we saw that the house had not been cleaned and that there were no linens, kitchen stuff; it was quite an empty house. So we quickly arranged for a hotel and got some rest, as a cleaning crew came to the house.

Our second day in London we had a bit of a shopping list to fill before making the house liveable. We found Ikea, Argos (similar to a service merchandise), and Tesco (the supermarket). And finally were able to spend a night in the house, of course after having dinner at WagaMoma.