Saturday, December 12, 2009

A visit to Shakespeare

We went with daddy on a business trip to Stratford Upon Avon. While daddy was busy talking with his clients, Emma and mommy walked around Stratford. We went and had lunch by the water. We feed the famous swans, they really like Emma (a little too much). We even found a butterfly farm.

When Adam was finally done with his meeting, we hung out together. We walked to Trinity Church and saw the tomb of William Shakespeare. We walked along the Avon and saw all the renovations happeing to the RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company). They have pretty much gutted that how theater complex. We started our hike back to the train station walking through the town, passing Shakespeare's birthplace and other great sights.

It was a busy, but great day out of London.

Our Busiest Visitors

We had some great visitors come for a visit at the beginning of October. Jill and Mike came to London to celebrate their 1st anniversary. It was great to have them and Emma warmed up to Mike very quickly.

On their first day here we dragged them, jet lagged and all, to the French Circus. A very tiny circus but Emma had a blast eating lots of junk food.

They were the busiest visitors we have had so far. I think they were sightseeing every single day they were here, from visiting historical places to riding high speed boats through the Thames. Emma and I had a chance to go with them on the London Duck Tour. I had to hold on tight to her, see was having so much fun; she would have jumped out of the boat into the Thames.