Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Camden Town

Went to Camden town this past weekend to walk around and hang out. It was ever so cold out side and I was constantly fighting Emma to wear here mittens. We also tried out this new restaurant for lunch called Hummus Bros. Wow was it delicious, just bowls of hummus with interesting toppings. I had the hummus with guacamole...yum. Emma was kinda in dipping heaven. After lunch we fought the crowds to get through the market, didn't really buy anything. I think we went for more of a day out than shopping trip. Went and watched the canal boats go through the Camden locks. I think Adam was jealous and was reminiscing and teaching Greg R all about the locks and controlling them. Of course by that point Emma was sound asleep...too bad for her.

Good day out with family and a friend.

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